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What Is The Best Way To Convert Html To A PDF On A Web Server?

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What Is The Best Way To Convert Html To A PDF On A Web Server?

This task was something we dug deep into and compared multiple tools available on the market. Also there was an issue with font adjustment, tables and one the important factors we had to take into the account is memory and processor usage as we expected high output per hour. As you can read here. How to efficiently transfer HTML to PDF - Plava tvornica we concluded that the best tools out there at the moment is mpdf and wkhtmltopdf. It’s worth to mention that wkhtmltopdf has some other features like running Javascript inside, and you can get page number from wkhtmltopdf where you can inject page number to certain html element you choose. You can also provide headers and footers just like in tcpdf library. Wkhtmltopdf gives even more variables to play with it.

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