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Is There Any Service Which Converts PDF To Look Like A Scanned PDF?

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Is There Any Service Which Converts PDF To Look Like A Scanned PDF?

To convert a scanned PDF into a searchable PDF, you will need to use OCR software. I use PDF Converter OCR. It’s Mac only. What I like best about the software is its powerful OCR feature and enough output formats. It’s easy to use even for beginners. Step 1. Download and PDF Converter OCR. Open it. Step 2. Drag one or more PDF files into the app. Step 3. Click the output format dropdown list and select the to PDF option. This option will convert a scanned PDF or image to searchable and selectable PDF. Step 4. Click the Convert button. Note. Make sure the OCR feature is turned on. (The OCR feature is enabled by default.)

Convert PDF: All You Need to Know

Your PDF will be converted into searchable and selectable PDF. When the conversion is done, click on Upload again to save the searchable PDF. If you have more than one PDF, you can find them here: (You can add more or duplicate your old Searchable PDF files by clicking “Copy searchable PDF”) Note. Do not have any photos or videos. In case you like, you can check this article to find a good Photo Search tool.

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