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Is There A Way To Export A Book As PDF From Google Play?

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Is There A Way To Export A Book As PDF From Google Play?

I assume you are talking about LEGALLY downloading books for free? Mercedes R. Lackey has given 3 good links below where out-of-copyright books can be found. For a book to be out of copyright, its author has to have been dead for 70 years. And then there are the giveaways from companies like Amazon, Smashwords etc. Just Google free ebooks. Of course, a retailer must have a reason for giving away current books for nothing; it might that is what the book is worth… You can pirate books but I advise against it. Firstly, you are only saving yourself a small amount and often getting a poor quality product. And secondly, it’s stealing coffee out of the mouths of impoverished authors like me (yes, roughly two ebooks purchased will buy me a coffee - but no cookie to go with it). I’m sure you don’t want to do that.

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I have not looked at these, but it seems to be a requirement of the site. Anyway, you can do the same thing using Microsoft PowerPoint, to get PDF files, although I am not sure if PowerPoint works in Chrome. The Google logo is in the bottom right corner of the page. It could also be a limitation of the site in using Chrome as the download location. There has been much criticism of Google's Chrome application for the inability to download files from the web by clicking the URL in the address Bar. Google has admitted this is the case, and has made an effort to improve the situation. One thing to bear in mind is that you do not get any information from the source. That way, you cannot tell if a site is genuine or fake in any way. Also, you get a page view rating.