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I Am Trying To Convert PDF Docs To Editable Word?

When you say “readable” I could only interpret it as machine-readable and searchable by the computer. You can convert a scanned PDF (which is an image-only file) by using an OCR tool (Optical character recognition). When a file is scanned or image-only, the file is read by the computer as dots and pixels. But with an OCR tool, converts these dots into recognizable characters and therefore becomes searchable and readable. You can try one out namely DeftPDF. This is a free online software dedicated to PDF, T have an OCR tool there that can help you convert a scanned file into a searchable and readable file. Just go to the site, upload the file and convert.

Convert PDF: All You Need to Know

Once converted, you can save it as any image format (for example JPG, PNG) and then use it with any application. The process could take a while, but you don't lose anything. As a computer expert, I could understand how computers are using scanners nowadays. It is a very simple yet effective process that anyone with a scanner around can understand. Scanning is a very simple process and anyone can do so. All you need to do is simply scan the scanned PDF and then convert it to readable and searchable form. Using an OCR Tool like Deft PDF will make the work faster and more efficient. You need to have a free Google account to download Deft PDF and then install it. Deft PDF is a free open source and cross-platform software program for scanning PDF documents. If you are unable to download Deft PDF by visiting the Download section of.

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