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How Do I Convert Whatsapp Messages Into A PDF File?

You can’t convert or export images that you sent or received via WhatsApp to a PDF document. But you can convert your chats to PDF by first exporting them to a text document. Ever heard about the WhatsApp feature called Export chat? This is what you suppose to do to export your chats to Text (.txt) file using the “Export Chat” feature. Open a conversation on your Android or iPhone. Tap on more and select “Export Chat” option. Tap or “Export Chat” and sent the text file with your messages to your email address. Please remember that only the latest messages will be exported. This feature doesn’t export the older WhatsApp conversations. This is how you can convert this text file to PDF on your computer. Download the text file that has your messages on your computer Open the text file with the MS Word program Finally, go to File > Save As and save the file as PDF document. If you don’t want to convert the text file (that has your chats) to PDF on a computer using the MS Word, then you can also do it using your smartphone. This is how it is done. Download the WPS office on your iPhone or the Android. Next, open the text file with the WPS Office app. Tap ‘Tools’ at the bottom of the app and choose ‘Export as PDF’ option. Select a location on your device where you would like to save the PDF file. Finally, tap the ‘Export to PDF’ button once again to save the PDF file on your phone. The process mentioned about won’t convert or export WhatsApp images to PDF. If you want to export both WhatsApp messages and images to a PDF file, then as suggested in this Quora answer. Kenneth Simpson's answer to How do I convert WhatsApp messages into a PDF file? you will need to download a third party application on your computer and use it to export both messages and images photos to a PDF document.

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