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How Do I Convert PDF Or Word Documents Into Json Format?

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How Do I Convert PDF Or Word Documents Into Json Format?

PDF is a structured binary format for storing semantically rich content consisting of text, vectors, images, 3D objects, forms, annotations and more. All of which is fully documented in ISO 32000–1.2008 JSON is just a serialization of a Javascript object. So how do you see the two conceptually mapping to each other?

Convert PDF: All You Need to Know

The JSON format itself is defined in the JavaScript Object Notation. If we use JavaScript to define JSON on the server then we can pass along the semantics from the HTML documents. What makes JSON different from XML is that it uses JSON Schema and JavaScript Object Notation to define data relationships, not as attributes on an entity such as an object. Let's use an example. Let's say we need an item from Items to Items. JSON allows us to use the word “item” because it's a property of an object property. A JSON document would look like this: This looks similar to an XML document however there is something very special about JSON. “Objective”: “item”, “name”: “Items”, “price”: 1.4, “category_name”: “Tools” … “Name”: “Items”, “price”: 0.5 … The way JSON and XML work is different, however there's a way to use both for.

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