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How Do I Convert PDF File Into Excel On Pc Without Loosing Data On A?

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How Do I Convert PDF File Into Excel On Pc Without Loosing Data On A?

I'm not aware of any, and, considering the PDF format, it would be virtually impossible to convert any but the simplest (in terms of formatting) PDFs to Excel or Word. If the original PDF was created from XML (using XSL-FO, for example) it would be quite possible to create Excel or Word from that XML.

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To: pamela_king I just finished the PDF for the “Biblical Evidence” section from the revised “Biblical Answers Book.” It's very easy to read with no distractions, and in most cases contains no reference book-like content. The author's intent is clearly stated. To: Astray Well, she should have been. (and the fact the PDF is in Adobe Illustrator) By 3 posted only pamela_king (I want God to be praised but not worshiped. —J. C. Watts) To: pamela_king This was my response to her letter. I'm surprised the author didn't give her actual name or her position in that group. I also didn't know that the PDF is still in PDF form! It could also be the fact that the author had never bothered to read the book, and simply wanted it to be sent. Now all of a sudden the person from the “Biblical Answers” group thinks the whole book needs to be taken.

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