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How Can I Convert PDF File To Doc Using Google Drive?

Google provides an option to do this. Store your PDF on your Google Drive. Right click it and select “Open with” Choose Google Docs. Google will create a new Doc and attempt to convert the PDF. If the PDF is actually a scanned document Google will attempt an OCR conversion back to editable text. Results can be mixed depending on the complexity of the original PDF and/or the quality of any scanned text.

Convert PDF: All You Need to Know

If you're not confident enough to make this editable, you can always delete that PDF in your Google Drive. This is a fairly manual process and in the case of large documents it can take a few minutes. In some cases, Google actually can't process your PDF to any degree and in this time it will be available for you to edit and save. If you want to create a new PDF in an image or PDF viewer that is known to process PDFs Google recommends the following: • If the image or PDF is in Google Docs you can edit using the PDF-Converter extension for Google Chrome. • If the PDF is not in Docs, you can use the PDF reader. • In Firefox go to Tools–>Options–>PDF Viewer–>PDF Viewer. • In IE, choose File menu–>Open PDF from a Web Page. Google also notes that some of its PDF readers such as.

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