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How Can I Convert Many Html Into PDF Files At Once?

I agree with Franck - if you install wkhtmltopdf you can then run the following on the command line (for Linux/Mac OS X) cd /main-folder find . -name \*.html | sed 's/.html$//g' | xargs -I X -n 1 wkhtmltopdf X.html X.pdf and that'll go through our files one by one converting them (without removing them)

Convert PDF: All You Need to Know

You could also go through them one line at a time using the --files-from option and then output them as an e-book. To convert to HTML you could use the wkhtmltopdf -o html.pdf option. To convert directly to PDF format the above options won't work. You will still need to get the file as an MS Word document and then do a .pdf conversion of it, which is beyond my time. If you want a list of all the features available with wkhtmltopdf that are documented here you can download it from its home page. Here is a .pdf tutorial on converting images to .pdf and other things. In the meantime, here is the tutorial used to convert the image I have used in the above example. It works. You can get to the WKhtmltopdf manual page by going to your favorite Web browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome and going to: . Here.

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